The purpose of this article is to provide potential hires with the information they need to prepare for an interview at Burning Glass Technologies. Doing so means taking a look at Burning Glass interview questions and answers, as well as exposing basic information about the interview process at the company. Through this article, one should have a good idea of what to expect before accepting an interview with the business.

About the Company

Burning Glass Technologies is a Boston-based company that largely focuses on job analytics. First of all, the company provides other businesses with data about job growth, trends in the labor market, and the skills that are most in demand.

As for the hiring process at Burning Glass, interview sessions routinely last for several hours. Candidates are expected to answer highly technical Burning Glass interview questions, as well as questions that are related to their prior work experience.

Burning Glass Job Interview Questions & Answers

To understand how to answer Burning Glass Interview questions, it’s best to start with the questions that have commonly been asked of past candidates. Behind these interview experiences stand candidates who have interviewed for three different positions within the company over the course of the past several years. By looking at these questions, one can get a better idea of what to expect in an interview for 3 different positions: Research Analyst, Software Engineer, and Data Developer.

1.) Research Analyst Interview Questions & Answers

Q1: “Why do you want to work at Burning Glass?”
A1: “I believe that my analytical skills are a good match for the company. I’ve already spent a significant amount of time learning the ins and outs of research analysis, and I believe that Burning Glass represents a fantastic opportunity for me to grow as an analyst.”

Q2: “Estimate [x].”
A2: “While it’s difficult to estimate the number of [x], I can provide a rough estimation by using the following techniques. Given that an important part of a research analyst’s job involves using such methods, I feel fairly confident that a reasonable answer to the question would be [y], so long as we are using ]insert criteria here].” 

Q3: “What type of work with qualitative data have you done in the past?” 
A3: “When I worked at [Company X], most of my work with qualitative data included [specific examples]. However, I also did a great deal of work with [example] while I was in school, and I’ve spent some time reading up on [relevant techniques].”

2.) Software Engineer Interview Questions & Answers

Q1: “How does [technical skill] work?” 
A1: “[Technical skill] works through [process]. I actually had a bit of experience working with [technical skill] in the past, which proved fairly valuable when I was working on [project].” 

Q2: “Do you prefer [programming technology 1] or [programming technology 2]?” 
A2: “I tend to prefer [technology 1], but I’m willing to learn [technology 2] if it’s a better fit for the job at hand. I really enjoy [specific factor] of [technology 1], but I’m sure that I can find ways to work with [technology 2] if it’s necessary.”

Q3: “What types of projects have you handled in the past?”
A3: “I have handled a number of different projects in the past, but my favorite was [most impressive project]. I enjoyed the challenge of working on such a major project, as well as getting the chance to do meaningful work. It was definitely one of the highlights of my career thus far.”

3.) Data Developer Interview Questions & Answers

Q1: “What is [data development process]?”
A1: “This process largely involves [process]. It’s an important tool to know how to use, especially in a data developer job. Using this process allows a user to [accomplish goal].”

Q2: “What was your biggest accomplishment in your prior job?” 
A2: “My biggest accomplishment was [x]. It was very challenging, but it ultimately allowed me to grow as a data developer and helped to position me for more complex tasks in the future.” 

Q3: “What did you enjoy the most at your last job?”
A3: “I enjoyed taking the initiative to experiment with different data software with my colleagues. It was a great learning experience, one that really helped me to understand better my role in taking my company to the next level. It was a great way to really develop my skills as a data developer.”

Burning Glass Company Job Interview Tips

The hiring process at Burning Glass varies by the job opening. However, according to all accounts, the process can be quite intense. Many individuals have reported that their interviews are several hours long, with the focus drifting between their past work experience, hypothetical work situations, and real-life scenarios.

Given the significant amount of time spent on these interviews, it would be unwise to think of this as a professional challenge. You can begin to develop a solid strategy by following these interview tips:

Conduct Research on the Company & Job Opening 

Do your homework before you show up for the interview. You need to know about more than just what Burning Glass does. Learn a little bit about their current projects, the people with whom you are likely to interview, and at least a bit of information about what the company has accomplished lately.

If you’re looking into a specific position within the company, make sure you know the gist of what the company expects from someone in that position. If you don’t already know what to do, be prepared to ask detailed questions.

Review Common Interview Questions & Prepare Answers 

Take a look at the Burning Glass interview questions described above and practice your answers. You shouldn’t overdo it, though – your job is to sound confident. Prepare yourself not only with the Burning Glass interview questions above but also with common generic interview questions so you can be prepared for what’s coming next.

Arrive on Time and Dress Professionally 

This should be a given, but it bears repeating. Make sure to arrive at the meeting point at least a few minutes early so you don’t keep anyone waiting. Dress professionally so that you can show the hiring committee that you take the process seriously. The more effort you put into basic social niceties, the more you’ll impress those who make the big decisions.

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It’s always important to do your homework before applying for a job. Make sure to prepare yourself by looking through the typical Burning Glass interview questions, researching the company, and preparing yourself for the lengthy interview that will determine your ability to do the job. If you need more information on the company’s hiring process, it’s recommended that you check out sites like Glassdoor or PayScale for real information from real candidates. If you’ve got information on the company or its hiring process, though, you can help out others by getting in contact with us today.