About Us

Applying for a job from the comfort of your own home is pretty straight-forward; the real challenge is going through the interview with the hiring manager. How can you handle those job interview questions that seem to have no right answer? Take those regarding your weaknesses, why you left your last job, or why you should be their first choice for the position – these are more than enough to stump most interviewees. Fortunately, this will not be your case. Every question has at least one right answer, as you will gather from our website.

JobInterviewAdvice.org is a collection of job interview resources like questions & answers and tips on the dress code you should follow, the research to conduct, and the right attitude to have during an interview depending on the employer and the position in question. We rounded up the biggest and most popular employers in the United States and made some research among their current and ex-employees. This helps us and you better understand what employers are looking for, what are they willing to offer to get it, or what their priorities are.

We are a small team that’s dedicated to helping you achieve your career goals and dreams, so if you have any questions regarding your upcoming interview, please contact us!