Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy provides important information about how our website collects information from its users and how it stores, protects, and uses this information. The rules outlined in this page govern the collection, storage, and request of personal information from us to you.

Information We Collect

Our website and tools can gather the following information from you, the user, only after you give your consent voluntarily:

Non-Personally Identifiable Information

This section refers to information that, although personal by its nature, cannot be used to find out your identity. We collect this information once you give us your explicit consent for statistical and marketing research purposes with the goal of creating high-quality content as per our users’ needs and wants.

  • IP address;
  • Information about your ISP (Internet Service Provider);
  • Browser information;
  • Pages and other websites you visit.

Personally Identifiable Information

By nature, this information is much more sensitive; therefore, we very rarely ask for such kind of information and never collect and store it without your explicit consent.

  • Your name and surname;
  • Contact information such as telephone number(s), e-mail address, or social media profiles;
  • Demographic information such as your location, age, interests, and preferences;
  • Other information you might provide during surveys or other offers from our website.

Note: We use all the information to improve the quality of our website and its contents. By using statistical data and tools, we can find out which of our pages have real value to the visitors of our website and which ones might need some tweaking; it’s an ongoing process.

How the Information Is Collected & Stored

Our website uses the following methods to collect and store information from its visitors and users:


Cookies are harmless pieces of data code that use your browser to tell us what websites you’ve visited and what pages you are interested in. All this information helps us better understand what you, the visitor, is looking for and how we can make your web browsing experience more effective. Therefore, these cookies help us offer you the information and resources you need in a manner that’s helpful and easy to follow.

Log Files

Log files record data about your visit to our website like the time and date, the browser you used, the pages you visited, or how you interacted with them. This information helps us as it offers an overview of the quality and utility of the pages in our website and lets us know which pages tend to lose our visitors and might need to be improved.

Sign Up Requests

Sign up requests are the only way we require personally identifiable information from you and these are only used when signing up for an account or for our newsletter service. We use these requests to ask personal information about you to verify that you’re a real person and that you’re the person you claim to be. Lastly, we will also use these to communicate with you when needed. The personal information you provide to us through any means is strictly confidential.

How the Information Is Protected

The team is using managerial, physical, and electronic procedures to protect the data we collect, store, and use. The access to this information is restricted to a limited number of individuals and our network is regularly tested for vulnerabilities.

How the Information Is Used

As mentioned before, we use the information we collect to better understand the needs, wants, and likes of the visitors of our website. The goal is to permanently improve the website and its content.

While we do not sell or share the information we collect via the aforementioned tools and procedures, we may disclose some information we gather to third parties in the following cases:

  • Companies or entities who provide services to our website – for example, web hosting companies or advertising companies – which are prohibited from sharing your information any further.
  • Companies or entities who require some information to comply with any laws, regulations, warrants, subpoenas, court orders, or other official documents.
  • Companies or entities who purchase this website.

This privacy policy governs the entire activity of our website and hopefully clears up some misconceptions about how we gather, store, protect, and use the personally and non-personally identifiable information of our visitors and users. If you have further questions, make sure you contact us! If you are interested in learning the purpose of our website and how to create and maintain a safe browsing experience, you can head over to our Terms of Use page.