Interview Techniques and Tips Interview Techniques And Tips

Interview Techniques And Tips

These interview techniques and tips have all been formulated purposely to help you clinch the interview and carry on to win more job bids and offers. When you actually go to an interview, many questions are prepared to be fired on you and you will at the same time answer each of them. Keep in mind that the interviewer is in the quest of someone who will become a worthwhile addition to the company. But at the same time, try to assess, look and listen if the company or the organization is right for you. The interviewer will actually do his best to place you at your ease and convenience so you will feel relaxed and give your best as well. They definitely have techniques that they use to be able to do this and you need to acquire of some interview techniques up to your sleeve too.

In this review, these interview techniques and tips concentrate on body language so you will not end up funny the moment you are interrogated. Rapport, the essential eye-to-eye contact, and the significance of the handshake are the stuffs that are to be discussed herein. Also, this concerns and relates on how you sit or stand and why you should forget about trying to look “chilly” and “cool” since it can actually work against you. Obviously before you go to an interview, you should have studied some questions and answers so you won’t have to worry that much when it’s your turn to be cross-examined. Take note that the way you answer the questions bears a heavier weight with the interviewer. So, let’s first talk about rapport. What is rapport? As you know, it is a feeling that you get when you are at ease or comfortable in the company of another person. The interviewer wants to make you feel at ease and when you start to give the impression that you are relaxed, the interviewer will feel the same. So, how do you know that you’ve already given the impression of being relaxed? This is where the interview body language tips cross the line.

These interview techniques and tips comprise eye-to-eye contact, handshake and the way you actually sit or stand. Looking someone in the eye for the first time is the greatest way to start building rapport. Avoiding the other person’s eyes conveys the wrong signals and can give the impression of dishonesty to the interviewer. Never hold the eye contact for more that a few seconds but keep coming back and restore it. In saying goodbye, hold the contact for a while and make sure that you smile. At all times, allow the interviewers to initiate the handshake and respond by matching the interviewer in firmness but never give a firmer handshake than them. Make sure that your palms are sweat-free and smile at the interviewer while shaking hands. The intuition formed about you is dictated by how you act and by how you appear to be. The way you sit or stand is a very large part so you will look confident and relaxed.

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top interview questions 225x300 Top Interview Questions

Top Interview Questions

When interviewing it is kind of stressful. I am going to write about the top interview questions and gives insight into the kind of character traits the right questions can reveal.  Some of the questions are very straight forward that bring out the candidate’s personality without directly asking them.

1. What situation brings you here today?

This is one of the best opening questions and this question surprises many candidates. If they do not respond quickly you just sit and wait for the response. Some candidates reveal problems with their current employer both positive and negative.

2. I want to know how would your best friend describe you?

Most response to this question indicates how the candidate wants you to feel what they are to their friends. Take notes on the response and then ask, “May I call your best friend and see how they describe you?” Notice his or her body language after the follow-up question. I suggest asking this question near the beginning of the interview because it helps you get honest responses for the rest of your time.

3. What made you think are your weaknesses?

This question reveals the candidate’s ability to see some improvement. The best responses include a plan on how the candidate is recognizing the weakness. Some do an effective job turning their weakness into a positive, which indicates the candidate has good alternative thinking. Notice for candidates who are unaware that they have weaknesses.

4. How do you handle stress?

All job has stress so if someone says they are not stressed then they are lying and do not know how to control it. Look for positive activities rather than substance use as stress relievers.

5. Can you tell me about your short and long term goals?

The response to this question usually reveals if the candidate has personal goals and if they do not have a quick response it means they do not plan ahead. I like responses which indicate good work and life balance. You need to ask details about certain goals to gain insight for awhile and move on. Don’t forget the follow-up question like this “What are the other goals that you have achieved in the past year?”

6. How do you deal conflict?

Conflicts are something we deal very often and may range from differences with a supervisor. Most employers look for someone who can deal with an issue without getting frustrated or either ask for a real-life example on how they would handle the conflict. Some managers prefer a more confrontational interview style to see how the candidate responds.

Those were some of the top interview questions. Interviewing is about finding the right person for the job. Before interviewing write down the characteristics you want for the ideal candidate and try to tailor your questions around. Open ended questions make applicants act the image of who they really are.  Interviewing is simply a matching game to see who best fit for the position.

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