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Buffalo Wild Wings Grill and Bar is a casual dining restaurant and sports bar franchise in the United States and Canada known for its Buffalo wings. This popular eatery is patronized heavily by the sports crowd. This business is on the move and if you are thinking of working there, here are some guides to help direct you in your approach to the interview. With the right preparationOpens in a new tab., you can ace it.

Interview Tips From a Former Buffalo Wild Wings Employee

How Are Buffalo Wild Wings Interviews Conducted?

While stores vary in their interview process, there are some basic parts that everyone deals with after they submit an application. In order to be sure that you are scheduled for an interview, place a phone call. Many have reported this as the best way to ensure that you are considered.

For entry-level jobs, applicants will be interviewed by one manager. At times, there are two interviews for entry-level positions – an interview with the assistant general manager and another with the general manager. These interviews are often conducted in a casual manner. Some have reported being interviewed in the dining area, so the setting is very nonthreatening.

The interviewing manager or managers will want to assess your background. They will be keying in to figure out how you will perform in a stressful and high pressure situation. They will also use this time to get a picture of your skill set. Some have reported being asked about scenarios, if x happened, how would you handle this. Here are some standard interview questionsOpens in a new tab.:

  • What are your strengths?
  • What are your weaknesses?
  • Could you tell me how you have displayed good customer service on the job.
  • Was there ever a time that you had to deal with a customer who was upset? How did you deal with this?

All this is an exercise in exploring customer service ability. For unsatisfied customers or other unresolved conflict, prospective employers at Buffalo Wild Wings want to be sure that you are able to handle yourself and escalate concerns through the appropriate chain of command.

The store will also want a good picture of your reason for applying and what specific job you would like. Dont be surprised if you are asked, why do you want to work here? Hiring managers will also ask you about what positions you are willing to work – cashier, server, host/hostess, food prep/kitchen, etc. These are common questions that businesses ask in order to feel you out. Getting an idea about purpose and intention helps the store know if there is a good prospective employee in front of them.

Another element managers will try to learn more about is your familiarity with the food industry in general and Buffalo Wild Wings in specific. This will help them vet candidates. Those who have been around the restaurant scene will often get higher consideration for the job. The interviewer will likely get into your knowledge of Buffalo Wild Wings menu items. For example, you might be asked, What is your favorite item from our menu?

Managerial interviews are naturally more intense. These candidates often have far more interviews and different material. Such interviews are conducted by district and regional managers of the area. Here, the interviews will dig deeper into leadership qualities. They will explore managing day-to-day operations and personnel. You can expect to be asked about how to resolve conflict between employees, for example, and what to do when there is an upset customer.

Experiences vary in both cases as far as getting the results back from the hiring manager. If there is a major need like a store that is short staffed, they might hire right on the spot directly following the interview. Other applicants heard back within a week or two. One of the leading recommendations is that the job seeker take the initiative and follow up with a week or so if they havent heard back.

How Can I Prepare for the Interview?

Preparing for the interview has a few layers. Theres appropriate timing and how you present yourself, getting an idea of Buffalo Wild Wings as an organization, and getting your thoughts straight. The following pointers will give you a good guide for the interviewOpens in a new tab..

First, you have to take care of the most obvious orders of business. Come in on time. The best policy is to arrive 5 to 10 minutes before the interview is scheduled to start. Next is dressing for the event. While the interview itself is often relaxed, dont treat it as unimportant. For entry level, go for business casual.

Men, pick polos, slacks, khakis, a button down, dress parts, or other business casual wear. Women should wear, dress tops and blouses, dress pants, dress skirts, etc. If you are looking for a manager level spot, move up to semi formal or business formal. Men, select a dress shirt and pants with a tie and a jacket or a business suit. Ladies should dress in business dresses, formal skirts and tops, formal pant suits, etc.

Before the interview, become familiar with Buffalo Wild Wings menu items. Have a good notion about the main offerings, entrees, sides, and drinks. It is not crucial that you know everything by heart, but dont come in completely ignorant of what the company is all about. Be ready to be put into mock scenarios, the what would you do? sort of questions. Draw from your experiences and highlights from your past employment and present this in a compelling way.

Answer with confidence. Keep your poise. Giving good responses that are delivered with assurance will speak well of you. Dont bad-mouth your former employers. Think through some of the typical interview questions (mentioned in this article and other common questions) so that you arent caught off guard. Rehearse those ahead of time. Know in advance what your availability is as this could play into your favor.

Is It Worth Being a Member?

These are questions you will ask yourself before taking on any job. Do I really want this job? Is it right for me? Am I right for it? So, specifically, is it worth being a team member at Buffalo Wild Wings? There are several factors involved in how you will answer this. Here are a few things that we would offer for you to consider.

The food industry is a fast paced and rewarding environment. There are many perks to food service and employees of restaurants specifically are attracted to these. Here are a few considerations.

Are you ok with lots of noise and large crowds, specifically sports being played on multiple TVs simultaneously? Buffalo Wild Wings is one of the United States biggest sports bar chains. Some team members have noted that their favorite experiences were on the biggest, busiest nights. When Buffalo Wild Wings hosts major events, the store can pack out hours before the event begins.

The larger the city, the larger the crowd. This is an energetic clientele. Keep that in mind when making your determination. Buffalo Wild Wings hosts several food specials, trivia, and theres always sports playing. The enthusiastic crowd is bustling and they will keep you moving. If this is something you enjoy or think you would enjoy, then this may be your next job choice.

Are you acquainted with food service and hospitality? This is a unique industry that requires attention to detail. Orders have to make it out to specific customers at specific tables. Once team members get a good feel for the scheme of table layouts and how to coordinate service, this becomes an easy chore. But, if you are unacquainted with this particular business, it takes some getting used to. Even if you have never done it before, maybe you are an eager learner. If you have a mind for multitasking and juggling lots of people as you take their orders and payments, there is a lot to like about this company.

It takes a positive personality in order to be satisfied with a job at Buffalo Wild Wings. Customers come to an environment like Buffalo Wild Wings in order to have a good time. You cant be dour or gloomy and fit into this workplace.

Being personable is at the heart of the job. You are working with the public. If you have an overall happy personality, you will do fine in the typical positions available at Buffalo Wild Wings. Those who work the kitchen and dishwashing will have far less personal interaction, of course. But, ordinarily speaking, you need to have a pleasant demeanor.

How to Answer the Most Common Buffalo Wild Wings Job Interview Questions

  • What are your strengths?

A job interview is a two-way conversation. You’re not just answering questions, you’re also asking them. Interviewers want to know what makes you different from the other candidates interviewing for the same position, so talk about your strengths and how they relate to this job.

  • How do you work under pressure?

The best way to answer this question is to provide an example of a time when you faced an emergency and how you handled it.

  • How do you take feedback?

No one likes getting negative feedback, but it’s important that we hear what our coworkers have to say about us in order for us to grow professionally. It’s important that we take feedback in stride and use it as a way of improving ourselves.

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Additional Tips For Buffalo Wild Wings Job Interview

In order to make this process easier, here are some interview tips that will help you stand out when interviewing with Buffalo Wild Wings:

  1. Be yourself: Don’t try to be someone else or answer questions in ways you think they want them answered
  2. Be confident: Even if you don’t have any experience with restaurants, have confidence in your abilities
  3. Know your strengths: Make sure you know what skills you have that they might need and sell those skills while interviewing
  4. Practice answering tough interview questions before going into an interview


As you consider Buffalo Wild Wings for your employer, dont let the process intimidate you. There is a wealth of information available on the web from current and former employees. With just a little investment up front, you can get that job. If you like working with food and diners or if you think you would, you have picked a great brand to go with.

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