FedEx Interview Questions

FedEx Interview Questions

Are you thinking about applying to FedEx? Maybe you recently sent in an application and you’re waiting to schedule an interview. This article will help you answer your FedEx interview questions more effectively by sharing some basic information you’ll need to know to make your interview a success. We’ll start with some general facts about FedEx, as it always helps to know as much as possible about a company before interviewing with them. Then, we’ll list the top FedEx interview questions and give you answer suggestions for each of them.


About FedEx

FedEx, the postal delivery service company, is headquartered out of Memphis, Tennessee. They were the first carrier service to implement a package tracking system available to their customers.

FedEx employees that work full-time enjoy a benefits program that includes a 401k plan, insurance options, and vacation time. Through their program, FedEx caresOpens in a new tab., FedEx gives back to over 200 communities through volunteering and charity.

FedEx Job Interview Questions & Answers

These are some of the most common FedEx interview questions for the three most applied-to positions at the company. We’re listing questions for courier, package handler, and customer service representative. FedEx interview questions tend to be behavioral-based and situation-based questions. This means that their purpose is to gauge how you would react to specific situations in the workplace.

The best way to thoroughly prepare for your interview is to practice answering all of these questions out loud. Answer as many FedEx interview questions as you have time for – preferably every day, for several days, before your interview.

1.) Package Handler Interview Questions & Answers

Q1: “How do you handle stress in the workplace?”
A1: “When I’m under stress, I try to remain as calm as possible. If I’m dealing with a multi-step problem, I’ll write down the individual steps I need to take to work through the problem. When you let stress get to you at work, your performance will suffer.”

Q2: “What would you do if you witness another employee doing something against company policy?”
A2: “Since I’m not in a management position, I would take note of the time that the incident occurred and let my manager know what happened.”

Q3: “How would you deal with working with a rude coworker?”
A3: “Coworkers who seem intent on causing workplace divides are best disregarded. Unless the coworker is doing something that causes harm to someone else, I will ignore the rude behavior. I don’t let other people’s actions affect my work performance.”

2.) Customer Service Representative Interview Questions & Answers

Q1: “Tell me about a time you dealt with an angry customer.”
A1: “I used to sell appliances. A customer who didn’t purchase a warranty visited a month after his purchase, claiming that we needed to replace his dryer because the door had been broken. He was pretty angry after I explained that since he didn’t have a warranty, we couldn’t replace it. I gave him time to vent to me and then assured him that it would be quicker to have one of our maintenance crew repair his dryer door than for him to receive a replacement.

I gave him a voucher for a small discount off of the repair service and walked him over to the correct department. By the time we made it there, he had calmed down significantly and had thanked me for my help twice.”

Q2: “If you accidentally did a task incorrectly, what steps would you take to correct the mistake?”
A2: “If I’m working and I realize I’ve made an error, I’ll try to correct it as quickly as possible. If this means that I should reach out to a manager, I will. Waiting too long to ask for help can quickly take a situation from bad to worse.”

Q3: “Talk about a difficult task you had to perform and how you stayed positive during the process of completing it.”
A3: “I worked at a small company where a lot of reshuffling was done after many people left the team. I was placed on a small team and had to learn a skill that was brand new to me. Instead of fretting about how I was going to adapt to the changes, I decided to dive right in and start building my skills. Because of my willingness to shift directions, I created positive relationships with my new team members that made working with them easier.”

3.) Courier Interview Questions & Answers

Q1: “What skills would you bring to FedEx that will help you be successful in your role?”
A1: “I’m a detail-oriented person who isn’t satisfied with my work unless it’s done to the best of my ability. One thing that’s helped me through my previous jobs is my ability to work independently. I rarely need direction. However, whenever I’m unclear on a set of instructions I always make sure to ask for clarification. Getting so many packages to the correct locations every day takes a commitment to detail and the ability to work independently.”

Q2: “Why did you leave your last job position?”
A2: The key to answering this question is to avoid blaming a past coworker or manager for your decision to leave. When you blame someone else, your interviewer will assume that you don’t take responsibility for your actions. Therefore, you can become liable for further conflict within their team. This is something they want to avoid. Choose a more personal reason to explain why you left the company.

“I moved two hours away and needed to find a closer job opportunity.”

Q3: “How would you resolve a conflict with a coworker?”
A3: “I rarely have issues with any of my coworkers. Nonetheless, if something came up that I needed to address, I would ask them to sit down with me before or after work. Talking to someone one-on-one works a lot better than trying to resolve a conflict through a third-party. What may appear as a personal conflict may actually turn out to be just a misunderstanding.”

FedEx Job Interview Tips

Wear a dressy shirt
Most FedEx interviewees describe their interviews as more casual interview experiences. However, showing up dressed in a nice shirt will make a good impression on your interviewer. Try wearing a button-down shirt with dark jeans or dark pants.

Smile and stay positive
During your FedEx interview, make sure to maintain positive body language, smile, and refrain from making negative comments about your previous jobs. Especially if you’re interviewing for the customer service representative or courier positions, try to communicate through your answers that you are a people person every time you get the chance. The interviewer will be looking for upbeat personalities to represent FedEx.

How to Prepare For an Interview with FedEx?

There are several preparation tips that you can follow in order to be successful in your interview with FedEx.

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Final Words

We hope this information has helped you prepare for your FedEx interview! Leave a comment if you have any questions about the FedEx interview process. Learn more about the employment opportunities that are currently available through the FedEx careers sectionOpens in a new tab. on their website.

Moreover, if you’re interested in reading about what it’s like to work for FedEx, browse through their FedEx Glassdoor profile and click on the job positions you’re interested in interviewing for. If you’ve already gone to a FedEx interview, leave your tips in the comments and be sure to include any FedEx interview questions that you found to be difficult.

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