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So you’ve got an interview at Hollister and you want to blow them away. We’ve got you covered. In the following guide, we have put together a list of interview questions and answers, along with helpful tips to assist you in preparation for your interview. So what are you waiting for? Let’s tackle this interview!

About Hollister

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Hollister is a fashion retailer with clothing and accessories inspired by Southern California and surfing. The store sells both men and woman’s clothing, including its signature graphics crew and tee shirts, polos, cardigans, sweaters, jeans, and flip-flops. Each store is designed to look like vintage beach shacks. The store is divided into sections for guys and girls, with a fitting room somewhere in the middle of the store.

If you are hired, you will probably start out as a team retail member, where most of your duties will be helping customers, manning the cash register, and managing the fitting room. Hollister has 578 stores around the world.

Hollister Interview Questions

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Q1: “Tell Me about Yourself.”

Q2: “What Is Your Definition of Excellent Customer Service?”

Q3: “Why Do You Want to Work for Us?”

Q4: “What Is Your Greatest Strength and Your Greatest Weakness?”

Q5: “Tell Me about a Time When You Had to Deal with a Difficult Customer or Situation. What Did You Do and What Was the Outcome?”

Q6: “Working in Retail Can Be Stressful. How Do You Cope with Stress and Pressure?”

Q7: “Why Should We Hire You?”

Hollister Interview Tips

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Do Your Research and Learn about the Company

Interviewers love it when interviewees are knowledgeable about the company they’re interviewing for. The more you know about the company, the more it shows that you care about getting the position. Before you head to your Hollister interview, go on their website and read about the company’s history. During the interview, see if you can weave in your knowledge about the company seamlessly into your answers. This way, your jibs about the company don’t seem forced. Be careful though, if you give the wrong facts about the company, you would likely be seen as careless and ill-prepared.

Dress Professionally and Arrive Early

Remember the saying, “Dress for the job you want”? Well, for an interview at Hollister, this statement has never rung truer. You want to strive to look fashionable, but still at the same time professional enough for an interview. For women, try matching khaki pants with a Hollister button-down long-sleeve shirt. For men, try a pair of trousers with a Hollister sweater or cardigan over a long sleeve. And don’t be late! You should arrive at least fifteen minutes early to your interview. Also, plan ahead and get to know the parking situation before your interview.

Prepare Questions for Your Interviewer

Often, interviewees are so caught up in preparing for their interview they forget to think about what to ask their interviewers. When you come prepared with a list of questions to ask your interviewer, you are seen as someone who is serious about the position. Here are some sample questions to ask at your Hollister interview:

  • Can you tell me more about the day-to-day responsibilities of a retail member (or whatever the position is)?
  • What is the break policy?
  • What is the dress policy?
  • Are there opportunities to take on managerial roles?
  • What do you like most about working here?

Smile, Relax and Connect with Your Interviewer

Yes, relax! You’ve come this far from your initial application. Remember that your interviewer is a person too, and he or she might be just as nervous as you are. One way to connect with your interviewer is by asking him or her to talk about themselves. For example, you can use questions such as:

  • What do you like the most about working here?
  • What is the most rewarding aspect of this job?
  • How did you come to work for Hollister?

These questions will not only help put your interviewer at ease if they are nervous, but can also show positive personality traits such as being caring, inquisitive, and outgoing.


We hope that our guide on Hollister interview questions was helpful. For more information and reviews about Hollister positions, check out its Glassdoor profile. If you are interested in working for Hollister, you can submit an application to a store in your area at their careers page. Good luck with your interview!