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As we try to climb up the professional ladder, we are met by different challenges. One of these challenges is trying to get a position with a respected financial company. In this article, you will learn on how to prepare for a job interview with PNC and how to answer questions that will impress the interviewer so you can finally get your dream job.

Bank Teller/Associate Banker Interview Questions with Answers (What I was Asked)

What Is PNC?

PNC is one of the most respected financial service groups in America. The company boasts of operating in over 19 states with over 2,459 branches. A company of this size provides an avenue for career growth and personal development. Though working at this company provides an opportunity for the worker to grow, it is difficult to get a job here because competition among prospective candidates is fierce.

Services Offered

PNC offers a wide range of services to the public, and this means that there is a wide range of opportunities for the job seeker. Services offered by PNC are:

  • Retail banking
  • Asset Management
  • Corporate and institutional banking
  • BlackRock Holdings

 Retail Banking

Retail banking is facilitated by over 2,400 branches, over 2,000 ATMs, and on their online mobile solution. PNC’s retail banking department has over eight million customers who can access a wide range of services such as retirement saving, cash withdrawal and deposit, and mortgage loans.

Asset Management

Asset management is mainly offered to ultra-affluent individuals and families. There are three types of asset management offered, the main one being PNC wealth management. This service is comprised of estate administration, wealth planning, private banking, and investments.

Other asset management services include Hawthorn and PNC institutional asset management that deals with clients’ long-term investment strategies.

Corporate and Institutional Banking

This service entails extending credit provisions to middle market companies in America. Apart from offering credit to clients, the company is also involved in international banking and treasury management.


Through BlackRock holdings, the company manages equity and fixed income for companies seeking to trade in the stock exchange. Other services offered include risk management, financial advisory services, and investment system outsourcing.

Why Work at PNC?

The main reason one would want to work for PNC is potential career growth. Having a resume that shows you have worked for a company that manages two-thirds of the Fortune 500 companies will not only make you stand out from the pack, but it will also enable you to negotiate for a better salary. One gets the opportunity to grow their skills by working in a competitive environment that will make them think out of the box. This will also prepare them for senior-level positions in any company.

Preparing For an Interview

The first step in getting a job with PNC is preparing for the interview. Though there are numerous tips on how to prepare for an interview on the internet, our preparation tips are based on actual cases of potential employees who flopped during the interview process.

Research the Organization

One needs to know as much as possible about PNC before the interview. This will make you stand out from the less-prepared candidates. Visit the website and learn about the organization. It would also be in your best interest if you learned about major deals the company hopes to seal.

Compare the Job Requirement with Your Skill

This can easily be achieved by evaluating the job description as advertised. Questions to ask yourself include whether your academic qualifications fit the job requirement. If you are looking to fill a particular position, know whether the company has such a position or whether they would be interested in creating one. PNC is not different from other companies, and your skills and academic qualifications must add value to the company.

Plan What to Wear

Most candidates do not know that what they wear speaks volume about them. The first impression that the interview panel will have of you will be based on what they see. To be on the safe side, we recommend that you be neutral unless the job description requires otherwise. When attending a PNC interview, make sure your clothes are neat and have no wrinkles.

Non-Verbal Communication Is Key

Though you may not have the right skills as desired by PNC, trust us when we tell you that your confidence may get you that job. Your posture must project confidence, and you can do this by establishing eye contact and ensuring a firm handshake. Be attentive during the interview process and respect the interviewer’s space.

Preparing Your Response

Aside from evaluating your qualifications, 80% of the job interview will be based on behavioral and case questions. Though all the steps above are necessary, this is the section is the most important, as it will determine whether you will get that job. Search the internet to see whether there are reviews on the interview process and the kind of questions that were asked by the interviewers.

PNC Job Interview Questions With Answers and Tips

1. Do You Have Experience In the Banking Sector?

How to Answer

The best way to answer this question is by giving a definite answer and then explaining it

Answer 1

Yes, I have worked as a bank teller for over five years, and during this time I have learned to deal with all types of customers. I could perfect my skills in handling transactions such as removing overdraft fees and ordering foreign money. I could also educate customers on the company’s product, and this helped in product uptake.  In the five years that I have been a bank teller, my work was completed without error.


I have over ten years of experience in the banking sector. I started as a messenger and later I became a bank teller as I advanced my studies. Now I am a qualified financial advisor. It has been a tough journey to reach where I am.  I am confident that my experience will be an attribute for PNC.

2. Where Do You Think You Will Be In Five Years?

How to Answer

This question is asked for the PNC interviewers to know your dreams and aspirations. This way, they will judge whether working for them will help you achieve your goals.

Answer 1

I plan to be in a leadership role within the next five years at PNC. I plan to achieve this by maintaining a strict work ethic and, at the same time, continuing with my education and leadership training to better offer value to the company.

Answer 2

I see myself in a leadership position five years from now. This is after earning the required credentials needed to join senior level management. I plan to achieve this by increasing my education level and attending leadership forums. I am confident I will achieve this growth through PNC.

3. How Would You Rate Your Integrity?

How to Answer

The banking industry depends on integrity to improve consumer trust. This question seeks to find out whether you are reliable and trustworthy.

Answer 1

I live a life of integrity with a straight moral compass. In my five years as a bank teller, there has never been a time where a discrepancy arose. I was always on time and I have never missed deadlines. I would say my integrity and character is not questionable.

Answer 2

From a scale of 10/10, I would rate it at 11. Since I was a young man, I have always desired to be a man of integrity with no questionable behavior. It is essential that the world, my bosses, colleagues, and family always see me as a man of integrity from whom they can depend on for the truth.

4. What Is Success?

How to Answer

When answering this question make sure it is related to your job position if you were to be offered the job.

Answer 1

Success is when I am proud of what I have accomplished both in my professional career here at PNC and my personal development.

Answer 2

I would describe success as an accomplishment associated with being able to achieve the goals set out by my employer here at PNC. This also includes the achievements made at a personal level and as a family man. The goals must be achieved within the framework of ethics and integrity.


5. Did You Have a Favorite Manager? Tell Us More

How to Answer

This question evaluates your relationship with your superiors.

Answer 1

When I worked at my former bank, I enjoyed spending time with my former manager, as she was a team-oriented person. She provided clear communication on what was needed and advocated for teamwork rather than competition.

Answer 2

If it were not for my former manager, I would probably not be sitting here for this interview. This is because I can attribute my growth in the banking industry to her mentorship. I also attribute my skills and work ethics to her.

Here are our top tips for acing your PNC interview.

– Prepare for the interview:

– Create a list of questions that you want to ask the interviewer

– Practice your answers to common interview questions

Be confident: Go through the 50 job interview answers with questions article.

– Smile, make eye contact and be polite

– Come prepared with examples of your skills or achievements

– Dress appropriately for the interview – wear clothes that show off your personality and confidence

– Research the company and position you are interviewing for

– Be on time, at least 15 minutes before your interview time

– Keep your voice, body language, and tone professional


Working at PNC or any other bank is not impossible. One only needs to follow the mentioned procedure such as preparing for the interview and knowing how to answer questions. Your body posture should describe an individual who is confident and will make the tough decisions needed to take the company forward.

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