Popeyes Interview Questions

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For some, the job application process can seem more daunting than getting the ring to Mordor. From having to fight off other qualified candidates to reading through job descriptions, revising your resume and hoping for a fateful phone call, there are several steps one must follow. For people looking to get into the restaurant business, a company always looking to hire is Popeyes. Known for their fried chicken and biscuits, this multinational restaurant chain has become a favorite. While the application process may seem daunting (because there are so many moving pieces), following the tips below can help ease the process.

How to Make Your Resume Standout

One of the most important parts of the job process is creating a resume that highlights your abilities for a specific job. However, several applicants make certain mistakes that could easily be the difference between a call back for an interview and months without hearing from anyone. Here are tips to make your resume stand out.

Tailor Your Resume to the Specific Job Applied For

When going through the application process, it is tempting to send out the same resume to a bunch of different jobs to cover ground more quickly. While you’ll have a lot of resumes sent, the chances of an employer looking through a generic resume are very slim. Although it can be time-consuming, it is worthwhile for candidates to make certain tweaks to the resume before sending it out.

Pay close attention to the job description and also perform research on the company to which you’re applying to figure out what they value in members of their team.

Use Industry and Job Specific Keywords

Though not something that many applicants want to hear, the chances of your resume being fully read by a recruiter or hiring manager is very slim. Many large corporations use filtering systems which quickly scan the resume for certain keywords they’re looking for. A rule of thumb when coming up with keywords is to look at the job description itself. Recruiters and hiring managers will often place specific keywords or experiences they’re looking for in their perfect candidate.

Add a Cover Letter to Your Application

While a lot of companies state that the cover letter is “optional”  many hiring managers still want applicants to send one in. If you send in a cover letter, it shows a recruiter you went the extra mile to build upon the experiences shown on your resume and directly explain why you would be a great fit for the position. Cover letters are the perfect way of making your history into an actual story that can highlight growth.

Proofread before Sending Out

While this tip may seem like a no-brainer, several people make the mistake of not properly proofreading their resume before pressing send. When creating a resume, a lot of applicants will sit down for the entire day and recollect about their experiences and what they did in those positions.  Once done with the resume, it is a great idea to either have a close friend, family member or colleague read over your resume to see if they spot any grammar mistakes or inconsistencies.

If you are not comfortable with other people reading your resume, taking a few hours of break time between the completion of your resume and the proofreading process is a great idea. Sometimes it takes a little time away from a document to reassess it.

When proofreading a resume, check for spelling mistakes, typos or any grammatical errors. Though not a complete deal breaker, hiring managers look down upon resumes that feature a significant amount of errors because it shows a lack of caring by the applicant.

Tips for Nailing Your Job Interview

Now that the interview has been arranged, here are tips to help you nail it.

Spend Time Researching the Company

Though an overused saying, when people say “knowledge is power,”  it comes with truth. When applying to any company, especially one as known as Popeyes researching the company on their website and learning a little about their history is a great way to come into an interview as an informed applicant. Knowing the history of the company you’re applying to and some of their more recent activities is a great way to show a hiring manager you’ve taken the time to figure things out about the company. Little gestures like that go a long way in the interview process.

Stop Being So Self-Critical

One of the hardest things to do is allowing oneself to let go of doubts. Most humans veer towards self-criticism because there is a constant need to compare accomplishments with other people. Though that thinking may not be detrimental in other circumstances, when in an interview, coming into it with a negative attitude could be the thing that makes a hiring manager pick someone else. Especially in a job like Popeyes, where customer service and constant interactions with other people are given, it is important to at least express positivity.

The best approach when going into an interview is to be realistic about your experience and what you can add to a company. However, there is a difference between being realistic and being pessimistic. Taking the time to read over your resume and make realistic judgments about yourself is something to do before your interview.

Read Books and Articles by Successful People

Recent psychological studies have shown that consumers of literature often act and behave like the characters or authors of the book they are reading. If you’re someone that wants to be successful in an interview, surround yourself with books and articles that talk about success and how people achieved it.

There is truth in the saying you are the company you keep. If you consume books and articles that talk about success, your approach to an interview or any situation leans towards positivity.

Arrive Early

Aim to arrive at the interview at least fifteen minutes early. This way, if you run into traffic or other unforeseen circumstances that cause a minor delay, you will still arrive at your interview on time. Being punctual also lets the hiring manager know you respect and value their time.

Popeyes Interview Questions

Below are general questions that may be encountered during an interview at Popeyes.

Why Do You Want to Work at Popeyes?

To answer this question, it is imperative that a candidate researches the company. Wanting to work at Popeye’s is not a good enough reason to convince a hiring manager to take a chance on you. If you can talk about the values of the company and highlight career goals, it will show a hiring manager you have taken the time to consider how this company can help advance those plans.

Why Should We Hire You?

To answer this question talk about the experiences you have which align with the specific job you’ve applied for. If you’re applying for the job of a cashier, talk about your strength with math and your friendly personality. Understanding the job description before the initial interview is a great way to regurgitate some reasons why the hiring manager should take you on.

Do You Have Any Restaurant Experience?

If you have restaurant experience, talk about where you’ve worked before. If you are someone of high school age or a person that has never worked in a restaurant before, a way to answer this question would be to talk about your eagerness to learn more about the restaurant industry.

How Would You Deal with an Angry Customer?

Because the jobs at Popeyes franchise restaurants require customer service, being able to deal with all different people is very important. While 9 out of 10 customers will forgive an order that is wrong or one that is cold, there is always one customer that is difficult to please.

Here, stating that you would offer to replace the order and do whatever possible to keep the customer happy is a perfect way to approach a situation.

Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years?

The way to answer this question depends on where you are in your life. If you are someone that is attending high school or college, state what you see yourself doing after you’ve graduated. If you’re someone who is applying to Popeyes to break into the restaurant business, talk about your interest in the business and where you see yourself going as far as management or the corporate side.


As one can see, applying for a job is a lot more than sending in a resume. For those who are serious about landing that next position, taking time to research the company, tailoring your resume, fully understanding the job you’ve applied for, and being positive during the actual interview are great ways to ensure that you’ve done all you can.

As you enter your interview with Popeyes, make sure you know a lot about the company, speak at a pace that is neither too fast or slow, make good eye contact, and also come with your own questions. Popeyes is a company that is always looking to take on new prospects, and if you take the time to immerse yourself in research, your interview could land you a slot

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