Let’s face it, the job interview process can be tortuous. From having to decide where you want to apply to discerning what skills you have, preparing for a potential interview and then waiting for the yes or no, it is a process that can leave many pulling their hair out. For those interested in a job in the food service industry, a restaurant that is always looking to hire is Sonic. Well known for its carhops on roller skates, Sonic has established itself as a fast food juggernaut that continues to attract and retain loyal employees.

Before applying for a job at Sonic, have a specific position in mind which you would like to perform. With entry-level positions such as a carhop, cook or crew member, it is important to have a job in mind. Because they have so many locations across the country, Sonic is always looking to fill vacancies and the hiring process takes little effort to complete.

The application process usually begins with an applicant submitting candidate information to a local restaurant of their choosing. The local hiring manager will look through submitted applications and set up one-on-one interviews with candidates he or she believes to be most qualified.

About Sonic

Formally opened on June 18th, 1953,  Sonic was founded by entrepreneur Troy Smith. Following military service in World War II, Smith returned to his hometown of Seminole, Oklahoma where he worked as a milkman. After deciding to deliver bread instead of milk due to the major difference in weight, Smith purchased a little diner called “The Cottage Cafe”.

Before long, he sold the cafe and opened a fast-food restaurant called Troy’s Pan Full of Chicken and purchased a five-acre parcel of land that had a longhouse and a walk-up root beer stand. While Smith converted the Longhouse into a steak restaurant, he quickly realized that most people spent their money purchasing root beer, hamburgers and hotdogs which influenced Smith to focus solely on (the more profitable) root beer stand.

After a trip to Louisiana, Smith saw a drive-in that used speakers for ordering. With this knowledge, he suspected that using speakers would increase his sales by controlling the parking situation by having the customer’s order from their vehicles instead of parking across the street and walking to his restaurant. As soon as the speakers were implemented, sales immediately tripled and by 1956, the first franchise location was opened in Woodward, Oklahoma.

Though Smith initially wanted to name the restaurant Top Hat, it was already trademarked which led Smith and business partner Charles Woodrow Pappe to name their stores Sonic.  The name Sonic worked with their existing slogan, “service with a speed of sound.”

With over 3,500 restaurants in 45 states around the country, Sonic has sustained an incredible relationship with the public due to its 1950s flare and quick service. With its signature red and yellow logo, its brand continues to hold strength.

With its trademark carhops on roller skates, the company even hosts an annual competition to determine the top-skating carhop in its system.

Sonic Job Interview Questions and Answers

Job interview

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Depending upon for which position one applies, the questions asked may slightly vary. While Sonic has corporate positions available, most people will probably be looking for entry-level employment in a franchise location.

Sonic Carhop Interview Questions

job interview

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Are You Able to Roller Skate?

Why Should We Hire You?

Sonic Cook Interview Questions

Cook interview

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What Is Your Cooking Experience?

What Would Your References Say about You?

Sonic Crew Member Questions

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What Is Your Work Availability Like?

What Is Your Desired Salary?

Sonic Job Interview Tips

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While the atmosphere at Sonic is very calm, make sure to approach this interview with professionalism and a slight sense of urgency. Here are some tips that can be followed.

Dress Professionally

Make Sure to Bring Your Own Questions

Always Be Prepared


Sonic is a company that is constantly expanding and with employees ranging from high school students to longtime workforce veterans, the application process is extremely fast-paced. To be successful at this particular fast food chain, applicants should enjoy interacting with people and working in a fast-paced environment. If offered an interview, make sure to learn as much about the company as possible and prepare mock questions in order to give yourself a competitive advantage. Whether applying for a job as a carhop or a cook, take the time to understand the full scope of the position.

Sonic is a brand with a long tradition of customer service and quality food. By following some of the tips above, you may have just secured your slot at one of the premier fast-food chains in the country.