Informatica Interview Questions

Informatica Interview Questions

If you’re considering applying for a Software Engineer, QA Engineer or Technical Support Engineer position at Informatica in the near future, use this guide to help you through the interview process. We’re going to cover basic information about Informatica including history, product information, and employee benefits. The second section will list a number of top Informatica interview questions that you’re likely to encounter during the hiring process. Every question will have an answer suggestion created for you. At the end of the article, we’ll list helpful tips for interviewing at Informatica successfully.

Informatica Interview Questions and Answers (Video)

About Informatica

Informatica was founded in 1993. It offers Enterprise Cloud and Data Management and Data Integration services. It has a customer base of over 5,000 high-profile companies worldwide with at least 3,500 employees each.

Informatica employees enjoy numerous benefits including 16 weeks of paid parental leave, health insurance options from day one of employment, tuition reimbursement opportunities, various company discounts, paid sick leave, and paid time off. If you work at the company headquarters in Redwood, CA, you’ll have access to the on-site gym, free coffee and other drinks, car wash services, and other convenience services such as dry cleaning, laundry, alterations, and shoe repair.

Informatica makes an effort to create a positive impact on the communities they serve. This is why they engage in food drives, blood drives, disaster relief funding, and employee volunteerism as well as other charitable initiatives.

Informatica Job Interview Questions & Answers

Here are some of the most common Informatica interview questions. You can use the answer suggestions provided as a foundation for your own replies. It’s best to have your answers prepared before heading to your interview appointment. If you have a family member or friend available to help you verbally practice answering Informatica interview questions, have them conduct a mock interview with you. You can also ask them to give you honest feedback about your answers and body language.

Your Informatica interview questions will be based on three major elements: Your technical ability and problem-solving skills, your resume, and general behavioral-based interview questions. Be prepared for a multi-part interview that may include multiple phone calls, a video conference, and an all-day, in-person interview with senior members of the Informatica team. For now, here are the main interview questions that you’re likely to receive.

1.) Software Engineer Interview Questions & Answers

Q1: “What is the biggest project you’ve worked on? What was your role in that project? What was the most difficult element?”
A1: “I was once thrown into the role of project manager for a critical client project. It was unexpected, but I appreciated that my manager believed in my ability to shift gears and bring the project together. It was certainly a challenge coordinating the project, but my team and I pulled through.

As a developer, learning new skills and technologies is something I take part in on a weekly basis. Having that experience allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and made me feel more confident in my ability to one day take on a lead or senior position.”

Q2: “What is the difference between a repository server and a powerhouse?”
A2: “A repository server’s main point is to guarantee the reliability and uniformity of the repository. On the other hand, a powerhouse server deals with executing various procedures between factors of the server’s database repository.”

Q3: “Discuss several best practices in design and development for Informatica.”
A3: “Modularity is important to keep in mind – using reprocessing techniques and common error handling, for example. Scalability should always be considered when utilizing caching, partitioning, and querying. Making frequent use of reusable Informatica components like workouts, mapplets, and reusable transformations will allow quick reactions to changes.

As far as development practices go, using local variables will limit redundant calculations, leaving detailed comments in code helps everyone working on that project, and using the filter transformation as close to the source as possible is more efficient.”

2.) Technical Support Engineer Interview Questions & Answers

Q1: “Do you prefer working independently or in a team?”
A1: “I’m comfortable working both in a team and independently. Some tasks and projects are accomplished more efficiently with independent research and work while others benefit from a team-centric environment. Having other people to bounce your ideas off and to view the project from another perspective can often be helpful.”

Q2: “What is the Informatica ETL Tool?”
A2: “ETL stands for “Extract, transform, load” and it represents the three components of data preparation. Deriving business intelligence from data is made possible by the ETL tool. This is the main component of Informatica and the key to businesses programmatically analyze their datasets.”

Q3: “Have you ever had an issue working with a member of your management team?”
A3: “I rarely have issues with management. However, when they occur, they are generally easily solved with better communication from both parties. I did have one manager who would always take her personal issues to her work place as well. It seemed to create negativity in the work environment. Nonetheless, I didn’t allow it to affect me too much because I understood she was simply going through a difficult time. The situation presented issues with keeping up the morale of the team, however.”

3.) QA Engineer Interview Questions & Answers

Q1: “How do you handle tight deadlines and stress?”
A1: “I work well under pressure because having a number of upcoming deadlines and assignments to finish motivates me to stay on task and be productive. Feeling productive motivates me more than anything – I always want to be pulling my weight as a member of my team. The key to managing stress in such situations is to balance project deadlines carefully. Separating large projects into smaller tasks and scheduling them out so that everything is finished on time is a method that works well for me. Over the years, time management allowed me to finish my assignments before they were due.”

Q2: “What is the difference between an active transformation and a passive one?”
A2: “An active transformation can change the number of rows that pass through transformations, change transaction boundaries, and change the type of the row. Passive transformations don’t perform any of these actions.”

Q3: “Tell me about a time you had an issue with a member of your team and how you resolved it.”
A3: “A new member of my old team was having issues letting go of his old company’s development practices. Many of my coworkers would become irate with him after running into his code. After a while, it got to the point where they wouldn’t even talk to him. This new employee was a highly-skilled engineer, but no one was respecting him because of his failure to adhere to the new standards.

I sympathized with him because design and development standards can almost become part of your muscle memory after working at a company for a while. I ended up staying with him after work in 30-60 minute chunks to help him get the hang of the new standards. After a month, the team was working together more smoothly.”

Informatica Job Interview Tips

Prove your worth on HackerRank
You’ll need to start completing coding challenges on HackerRankOpens in a new tab. as soon as possible. Aim to complete as many medium and hard-level questions and algorithms as possible. Becoming familiar with as many challenges and algorithms as possible will always give you a distinct advantage.

Prepare a number of stories using your experience for situational Informatica interview questions
During your various phone and in-person interview sessions, you’ll be asked quite a few behavioral and situational-based questions.

Practice your ability to verbalize problem-solving decisions
You’ll need to verbally walk your interviewer through your thought process while solving technical interview questions. This way, he or she can effectively asses your skills. Here are a number of questions you’re likely to encounter – use these to practice.

  • How would you encrypt an image?
  • Write a linked list class.
  • There are two different tables. Write a java program to join them. Do not iterate both, but use a hash map.
  • What are the differences between remote procedures and triggers?

Steps to Prepare for an Informatica Interview

To prepare for your Informatica interview, you should have a list of questions the interviewer might ask. You should also have a list of answers to these questions. There are many different things that you can prepare for an interview, but these are 50 job interview Q&A of the more common ones.

In order to prepare for an interview, you should make sure that you know what the company does and what kind of work they do there. You should also know some information about their management team and their organizational structure. You can even bring up this information in the interview if it is relevant to the conversation or question at hand.

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Final Words

We hope that this guide has allowed you to feel more confident about your upcoming Informatica interview. The most important thing that you can do to prepare is to practice Informatica interview questions verbally with a friend or family member. In the meantime, get to know Informatica’s services and products front to back. Read more about what it’s like to work for Informatica by browsing their Informatica Glassdoor profileOpens in a new tab.. Do you already have experience interviewing at Informatica? Leave your best tips for other applicants in the comments and include any other Informatica interview questions that we may have missed.

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