Amazon Interview Questions

Amazon Interview Questions

In this article, we’ll help prepare you for a successful interview at Amazon. We’ll go over some basic information about Amazon before listing some of the most common Amazon interview questions and answers. Each question will be followed by a unique answer suggestion – feel free to use these answers to practice for your own Amazon interview. We’ll cover interview questions for the following positions: Fulfillment associate, customer service associate, and software development engineer.

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About Amazon

Amazon, an e-commerce and cloud computing company, was founded in 1994. It is a young company relative to the massive success it’s seen since its launch. Today, Amazon became the largest internet retailer in the world in terms of revenue.

The company has about 550,000 employees, a number which has been rapidly increasing over the last few years. Amazon sells almost anything you can think of, from multimedia downloads to furniture to pet food. Therefore, the business needs all types of professionals to keep it running, especially customer care agents, IT experts, and managers.

Amazon Job Interview Questions & Answers

Now, we’re going to go over the most common Amazon interview questions and provide options as successful answer for each of them. We recommend that you practice the interview questions out loud with a friend or in the mirror. Taking the time to practice Amazon interview questions verbally before your interview date leaves you feeling prepared for your interview.

1.) Fulfillment Associate Interview Questions & Answers

Q1: “What would you do if you saw a coworker sneaking a box to their car?”
A1: “I would take note of the time on my phone to help locate the correct security footage. I’d write down as many details as possible. Then, I’d let my supervisor know what happened.”

Q2: “Tell me about a time you went above and beyond your job requirements?”
A2: “I had a co-worker call in sick as I was about to leave for the day. She had contracted Mono and would be unavailable for an indefinite amount of time. My manager was busy dealing with a larger issue.

In the end, I stayed for her shift that night and took on two of her shifts per week. Finally, I negotiated with all of my other coworkers to get the other shifts covered.”

Q3: “What is your favorite thing about Amazon’s products and services?”
A3: “I love the convenience of the Amazon experience. Amazon enables people who wouldn’t otherwise have access to such a wide array of products to view and select a product perfect for their needs and tastes.

Some people live far away from specialty stores or cannot physically make it out to shop. Using Amazon, they can conveniently find things that make them more comfortable, things that fulfill their needs, and things that make them smile.”

2.) Customer Service Associate Questions & Answers

Q1: “Talk about a time you dealt with a difficult customer?”
A1: “When I worked at an appliance warehouse, customers routinely misunderstood our warranty. One woman expected her warranty to cover damage that her children had made to her dryer.

I explained that it wouldn’t be covered and did my best to tell her about what was covered under her warranty. She got upset initially. In the end, I was able to offer her a discount for the repair service, and she left happy.”

Q2: “How would you handle a situation where a non-Prime member customer placed an order and wants to know why they didn’t receive the Prime free shipping?”
A2: “I would hear out what the customer has to say without interfering. Then, I would apologize to the customer for the miscommunication. I’d explain the pricing structure for Amazon Prime – the subscription cost covers your annual shipping charges.

I would link them to a webpage providing clear information about Prime. If they had any further questions, I’d spend time with them until they understood the concept of Prime. “

Q3: “Tell me about a time you went out of your way to make a customer happy?”
A3: “A several dozen customers had pre-ordered a popular dress from the clothing store I worked at. The same day, we received the shipment day they were scheduled to pick up their orders. By accident, our store didn’t receive enough inventory, and we were left with far fewer dresses than what had been ordered.

As customers began pouring into the store, I called around to other locations in our city to check if any of them had a surplus of the dress. I found three stores with more dresses than orders. I took it upon myself to pick up the extra dresses and bring them back to my location.”

3.) Software Development Engineer Interview Questions & Answers

Q1: “What is the most difficult project you’ve recently worked on?”
A1: You’ll want to explain a difficult project that you’re passionate about in great detail here. Do not speak in general terms. Enthusiastically describe the process of creating this project and its outcome. If you’re at Amazon’s on-site interview, show the interviewer your project and explain how it helped you grow as a programmer.

Q2: “Talk about a time you received criticism and how you reacted to it.”
A2: “My first development job was with a large web firm. I never directly saw the design side of things. After that, I moved to a much smaller agency. During that job, designers verbally tore apart my work and pointed out that I knew virtually nothing about UX and UI.

I didn’t react well to this at first. However, I quickly realized how UX translates to the overall success of a website. Working directly with designers gave me valuable insight into how I can develop sites that function well and deliver a great user experience.”

Q3: “What is an area that is an opportunity for you to improve upon?”
A3: “I strongly believe that continuous learning is part of every software engineer’s job. I love to learn to stay on top of new technologies. That being said, in the past, I had trouble with focusing on one new skill at a time. I’m improving my ability to hone in on one new technology to master before moving onto the next, but sometimes I still need to redirect myself.”

Amazon Job Interview Tips

Tips for prospective Amazon software development engineers
Practice algorithms and data structure questions using LeetcodeOpens in a new tab. and HackerRank before applying and interviewing. You’ll likely come in contact with many similar questions during your technical interview.

Practice behavioral interview questions and get familiar with the STAR method
Some of your Amazon interview questions will likely be common behavioral-based questions. Do your best to practice as many of these questions as possible. Many behavioral-based questions ask for stories about your personal experience. Practice your ability to answer these questions concisely and thoroughly.

The Most Common Amazon Job Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

Amazon is one of the most well-known and successful online retailers in the world. Amazon is always looking for new employees to join their team.

The company has a few questions that they ask during interviews. These questions are designed to help them understand if you are a good fit for the company. You don’t have to answer these questions perfectly, but it is important that you know what they are and how you can answer them so that you can be successful in your interview.

Here are some of the most common Amazon job interview questions:

  • 1) Why do you want this job?
  • 2) What would your previous employer say about your work ethic?
  • 3) What motivates you?
  • 4) Where do you see yourself in five years?
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We hope this set of Amazon interview questions and answers has helped you prepare for your Amazon interview. Use Amazon’s official website to search for available positions. You can find more general information about working at Amazon on their Amazon Glassdoor profileOpens in a new tab..

Our goal is to help you feel confident on your interview day. Do you have any experience interviewing at Amazon? Did we leave out any important Amazon interview questions? Let us know in the comments!

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