KFC Interview Questions And Answers

KFC Interview Questions

Are you thinking about applying to KFC in the near future? Use this article to help you get ready for your interview. We’re going to cover basic information about KFC and then we’ll cover some typical KFC interview questions. You’ll find answer suggestions to each question that you can use in your interview. Alternatively, use the answers provided as a starting point to base your own answers off of.

KFC interview questions (answered in this video)

About KFC

KFC is the fourth-largest fast food restaurant chain in the world. They operate over 16,000 locations worldwide. 5,200 of those locations are in the U.S. You probably know that they serve a lot of chicken, but do you know about their unique quality assurance and cooking processOpens in a new tab.?

KFC gives team members the opportunity to move up within the ranks, should they choose to. A large portion of KFC management is promoted from within. Typical hours of operation at KFC are 10:30 AM-10:30 PM, but you can expect this to vary by 30 minutes depending on your location. Full-time employees are able to take advantage of a health insurance plan and vacation days begin accruing after one year. All employees receive discount on food and many KFC locations allow one free meal per shift.

KFC Job Interview Questions & Answers

Here are some of the top KFC interview questions for the positions of team member, shift leader, and line cook. Use these to practice for your own interview. We suggest verbally practicing the questions with a friend or family member to get a feel for how things will play out on interview day. Many of the following KFC interview questions can be used no matter what position you’re applying for.

1.) Team Member Interview Questions & Answers

Q1: “What would you do if you were restocking the soft drink station and you overhead a customer complaining loudly about his or her meal?”
A1: “I would put the items back under the counter and approach the customer with a smile and ask them if I could do anything to make their experience better.”

Q2: “What are some things that you could do during slow hours to provide a better experience for customers?”
A2: “If there weren’t any new customers to serve or take orders from, I would check to see if there is anything I could do for guests who are already seated. For example, I could refill drinks, fetch condiments, or take the trash away from tables. Once the guests have been helped, I would look for cleaning opportunities.”

Q3: “If you are working at the registers, what is the first thing you should do when a customer walks through the door?”
A3: “Greet them with a smile. When they approach the counter, I will let them know that I could answer any menu questions they had.”

2.) Shift Leader Interview Questions & Answers

Q1: “What would you do if a customer was taking too long in line and the customers behind her were becoming impatient?”
A1: “I would jump in line myself or instruct another member of my team to open an additional register. Afterward, I would thank the customer for their patience and apologize for the wait.”

Q2: “How do you motivate a team to work quicker?”
A2: “Setting team goals and displaying them is important because your team will have something to refer to on a daily basis. Keeping this board or chart updated also helps. Team members can see the progress they’ve made day by day. Also, your team members will often model your behavior. If you are working slow, so will they.”

Q3: “What do you believe is the most important trait or skill to have while working at KFC?”
A3: “Outstanding customer service. When a business has customer service that is worth talking about, people will leave great reviews, return with their family and friends, and become loyal customers.”

3.) Line Cook Interview Questions & Answers

Q1: “What is so great about chicken?”
A1: “I love chicken because it’s such a versatile food ingredient. It can be used as a main course or be included in side dishes. There are so many ways to prepare chicken – frying it, baking it, grilling it, shredding it – almost anything you can think of.”

Q2: “What skills do you have that relate to the job of preparing KFC’s menu?”
A2: “I work calmly under pressure. KFC is a popular chain and has several rushes throughout the day. I will be able to maintain accuracy during these rushes without getting overwhelmed or becoming backed up on orders.”

Q3: “How does your family life affect your work life?”
A3: “I rarely allow my personal issues to become a problem at work. I don’t want my family life to affect my work performance. In the case of an emergency, I would get my shift covered or let management know as soon as I was aware of the problem.”

KFC Job Interview Tips

Get familiar with the KFC menu
Like any food service job, you should get to know the menu as much as possible before going in. For fast food restaurants, this is typically for a smaller job than it is for full-service restaurants. At the very least, try to be able to name and describe five of the most popular KFC menu items, like the Famous Bowl. You should be able to explain to the interviewer how many pieces of chicken are included in their family buckets.

Talk about your experience even if it doesn’t involve food service
Expect your KFC interview questions to include something about your previous experience. If you don’t have prior food service experience, talk about your customer service skills and your experience working in a fast-paced, team-based environment.

Show up to your interview ten minutes early
Many fast food applicants show up to their interviews late. Make an impression by getting there early – it will show your interviewer that you take this opportunity seriously.

What are the Most Common Interview Questions Asked by KFC recruiters?

Interviewers ask questions to see if you are a good fit for the job. They want to know what you can do, how well you can do it, and how often you can do it. Interviewers also want to know about your personality, opinions, and behavior.

The most common interview questions asked by employers are:

  • – What is your greatest weakness?
  • – What is your greatest strength?
  • – Tell me about yourself?
  • – Why should we hire you?
To be fully prepared for your interview, go over this list of job interview Q&A list.

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Do you have what it takes to work at KFC?

KFC is looking for team members who wish to work hard and have fun while providing the best customer experience possible. KFC wants to hire people who want to be a part of an environment that values innovation, teamwork, and diversity.


Use these KFC interview questions and tips to feel confident on interview day. To become more familiar with KFC as a company, try looking at their KFC Wikipedia pageOpens in a new tab.. If you are applying for a management position, you’ll want to become familiar with KFCs goals and mission. View KFC’s Glassdoor profile for more information about what it’s like to work at KFC. Do you have any more KFC interview questions to share with job candidates? Leave them in the comments below and be sure to mention any additional tips for KFC interviews!

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