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This guide will provide you with the information you need for a successful interview experience at Stokes. We’ll go over some basic information about the company and then dive into the most common Stokes interview questions. For each question, you’ll see an answer suggestion to pair with it. You can use these answers within your own interview or use them as a base for your own answers. At the end of the article, you’ll find a few helpful tips for interviewing at Stokes and landing a position.

Interviewing Tips for Getting A job in Canada

About Stokes

Stokes is a Canadian kitchenware and home decor store that was founded in 1935. The company is headquartered out of Montreal and operates more than 150 locations throughout Canada. Stokes has an international presence as well, with a small collection of stores sprinkled throughout the globe. Employees at Stokes have access to an employee discount while some positions offer access to health insurance options.

Stokes Job Interview Questions & Answers

These are the nine most common Stokes interview questions. In other words, you’re likely to encounter most of these during the hiring process. Most Stokes interview questions are situational, so they’re about what you would do in a specific situation.

Hiring managers ask these questions to get a feel for what it would be like to have you on their team. If one of the Stokes interview questions you’re asked describes an experience that you’ve already dealt with, explain to the manager how you responded to the situation when it occurred.

1.) Sales Associate Interview Questions & Answers

Q1: “What makes you a good fit for this position?”
A1: “I’m a hard worker who is capable of working with or without direction. One of the things I like about myself as a worker is that I keep my personal life separate from work. If I’m having a bad day at home, I don’t bring it to my job. I focus on my work until I’m off the clock. In fact, I find that getting things accomplished at work usually helps me get over whatever is happening in my personal life.”

Q2: “What would you do if you saw a coworker stealing a small item valued at less than ten dollars?”
A2: “I would take note of the time, the item, and the coworker. Then I would inform a manager. Even though the item was of low value, stealing is wrong and people who get away with petty theft often advance to more serious offenses.”

Q3: “What would you do if a coworker suddenly became ill on the job?”
A3: “I would offer to cover the rest of their shift if our hours did not overlap. If it wasn’t possible for me to cover, I would start trying to find a replacement for them for the day.”

2.) Key Holder Interview Questions & Answers

Q1: “Why is customer service important?”
A1: “Aside from store appearance, customer service is the most visible element of any retail store. It’s what the customers will use to decide whether or not they will return to the store. So, it’s central to the success of any retail store and should be a part of employee training in every position.”

Q2: “How do you deal with angry customers?”
A2: “I think that staying calm in situations where customers are getting angry is the quickest way to resolve the situation. Escalating the conversation will never cause you to win them over. If you can calmly explain that you’re willing to listen to their side of the story and advocate for them, they will usually cooperate with you.”

Q3: “How would you deal with an extra-friendly customer who insisted on carrying on a conversation with you while you had other customers to attend to?”
A3: “I would enthusiastically and politely tell the chatty customer that I’d love to continue the conversation with them after I’ve helped my other customers. It’s important to pay attention to how you word this kind of assurance because you don’t want to come off as insincere. Extra-chatty customers can be opportunities to win long-term customers for the organization.”

3.) Assistant Manager Interview Questions & Answers

Q1: “What helps motivate a team?”
A1: “I think that the biggest part of motivating a team is working hard yourself. Leading by example is severely underrated in the retail world. When my team sees that I’m working as hard as I expect them to work, they’re more willing to work hard, support each other, and be content with me as a leader.”

Q2: “How would you discipline an employee who was consistently leaving work for other team members?”
A2: “Sometimes, the employee will be able to recover from a lag in their work while other times they are not well-suited for the job anymore. It’s always worth attempting to work out the situation because hiring and training costs for a new employee are usually in the multiples of thousands. I would sit down with the employee and talk about the situation to make it clear that I’m aware of the issue and that I expect it to be addressed. I would go over specific incidents that were reported, help them lay out an action plan to fix the problem, and set a date that the improvement is needed by. If the improvement doesn’t happen, I would consult my manager about letting the employee go.”

Q3: “What is the most important element of a successful management team?”
A3: “Without a doubt, communication is central to every team’s success. I’ve seen multiple situations where the dialogue was either weak or simply nonexistent within a management team. When that happens, the management and everyone below them is scrambling, confused, and unproductive. I always make sure I’m easy to reach, that I’m communicating key goals and issues to my team and my managers, and I’m receptive to feedback from anyone within the company. “

Stokes Job Interview Tips

Arrive 15 minutes early and dress well
Show up to your interview early so that there’s no chance of traffic causing you to arrive late. The last thing you want is for the manager to be waiting for you when you arrive. Also, be sure to wear something that is business casual to your interview. Dressing nicely will help you stand out from other applicants.

Show positive body language and act friendly
Securing a position at Stokes will be much easier for you if you’re able to communicate to your interviewer that you get along with people easily. Most positions at Stokes are customer-facing. This means that you’ll spend the majority of your time on the job interacting with customers. Your interviewer will be looking for someone with a positive attitude and bright personality to fill the position. While answering your Stokes interview questions, try to keep a smile on your face and pay attention to your tone of voice and body language.

Stokes Kitchenware Interview Questions: How to Prepare for the Interview Process?

Stokes Kitchenware is a company that manufactures kitchenware. They have a rigorous interview process that can be daunting to some applicants. But it is important to know how to prepare for the interview process so you can ace it and land the job.

There are many ways in which you can prepare for the interview process. One of them is by doing research on Stokes Kitchenware and their culture as well as their competitors. You should also research about their products, what they sell, and what are some of the challenges they face in this industry.

You should also do your own research into your skillset and how it fits with what Stokes Kitchenware needs from an applicant. It would also be helpful if you took time to study up on the company’s mission statement and values because these will help guide your answers when asked questions during the interview process.

We recommend that you take time before going into an interview to practice answering questions with people who have experience interviewing others. Also, go through our article on interview answers and questions

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Final Word

To get a better idea of what it’s like to work for Stokes, read through their Stokes Glassdoor profile. You can also visit the Stokes careers pageOpens in a new tab. to view open positions near you. Comment below and tell us about your plan to prepare for your Stokes interview. If you’ve already gone to your interview, share what the most difficult Stokes interview questions you encountered were.

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