Subway Interview Questions And Answers

Subway Interview Questions

We are preparing you for an interview at Subway by listing some of the most common Subway interview questions to practice. Each question will be paired with an answer suggestion to help you get an idea of how you can potentially answer your own Subway interview questions. After we go over the questions and answers, we’ll talk about general interview tips for Subway applicants.

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About Subway

The first Subway restaurant was opened in 1965. Today, Subway has over 34,000 locations worldwide. The sandwich giant is known for its quick service and its highly customizable subs.

While working at Subway, you’ll be handling soup, salads, sandwiches, cookies, coffee, and soft drinks. Subway employee benefits include a 50% employee discount for use once a day, and flexible scheduling. Paid time off is available for Subway workers with five or more years of service. Working at Subway is a unique food service experience and makes for a great first job or first supervisory position.

Subway Job Interview Questions & Answers

We’re going to cover some of the top Subway interview questions and answers below. The best way to prepare for a Subway interview is by becoming familiar with common Subway interview questions. We will provide answers to each question. It’s best to use your own words during your Subway interview. Nonetheless, you can use the answer suggestions here to create a base for your own answers.

1.) Sandwich Artist Interview Questions & Answers

Q1: “Sometimes at Subway, we have a long line of impatient customers. How would you handle this situation?”
A1: “I’d stay calm and remain level-headed. Also, I’d make sure that I communicate clearly with my co-workers. Good communication will help the line move faster. On the other hand, bad communication will only slow it down and cause mistakes.”

Q2: “How do you handle working in time-sensitive situations?
A2: “I prefer working in fast-paced environments because I don’t have the chance to get bored. Time-sensitivity keeps me on my feet. Based on my experience so far, I know I thrive best while working in energetic places like Subway.”

Q3: “What’s one thing that has really bugged you about a previous co-worker?”
A3: “Working with people who don’t take the blame for their mistakes is always a challenge. It’s important to own up to your mistakes and learn from them.”

2.) Shift Leader Interview Questions & Answers

Q1: “What would you do if you saw a team member make themselves a free sandwich?”
A1: “Stealing, even at a minuscule level, isn’t acceptable. When one team member is able to get away with theft, other team members will begin to take note. Eventually, the situation can get out of hand.

It’s important to nip this kind of behavior in the bud as quickly as possible. As a shift leader, I would confront the team member and document the incident. Then I would leave the report for upper management and notify them of the issue so that they could take proper action.”

Q2: “What makes you want to become a Subway team leader?”
A2: “Subway seems like the optimal place for me to grow my leadership experience. It’s fast-paced, friendly, and my goal is to become a kitchen manager someday. Subway would be a great first step.”

Q3: “How would you deal with a customer who is yelling at one of your team members and threatening to call the corporate office over an expired coupon?”
A3: “First, I would remove the other employee from the situation and have them help other customers. I would apologize to the customer for the miscommunication and try to explain where to find the expiration date on our coupons for future reference.

If the customer continues to complain, I would either provide the store manager’s contact information or the information for corporate. This depends on how my Subway store prefers to handle these scenarios.”

3.) Assistant Manager Interview Questions & Answers

Q1: “What are your strengths and weaknesses as a manager?”
A1: “I’m great at time-management and communication. Both those things are some of the most important qualities to have as a manager because staying on top of them allows for better productivity. My weakness is probably the fact that I tend to be quite headstrong and want to make more decisions than I’m able to within my role. I can deal with this by working closely with my store manager and making sure that we see eye to eye.”

Q2: “How do you approach interviewing job applicants?”
A2: “I look for applicants with a strong interest in the company who plan to stay for a significant period of time. Employees who work the longest can end up being especially valuable assets who can move up within the ranks. Including a lot of behavioral-based questions helps me determine whom to hire.”

Q3: “What does it mean to be customer-minded?”
A3: “Putting the customer first is easier said than done. However, in customer-facing positions, it’s a must. When you walk into the store, you need to see it from the customer’s perspective. If you don’t want to eat there and you don’t find interacting with your employees to be pleasant, you need to make changes as a manager.”

Subway Job Interview Tips

Get familiar with Subway’s menu
Subway’s menu is big, but it isn’t huge. You can absolutely have a working understanding of the menu before you go in for your interview. Expect to know it front to back by the time you finish your training. You can give yourself a competitive edge by becoming familiar with the menu. This way, you’ll be able to answer questions about Subway’s food and serve customers more quickly once you’re hired.

Be ready to get asked a lot of situational questions
Subway interview questions typically include several “what if” questions. If you have previous employment, prepare answers about your previous customer service experience, your past experiences with co-workers, your opinions about previous managers, and anything else that might be relevant.

If Subway will be your first job, you can still get ready for your interview by resorting to your own personal experience. You are free to make use of all your own stories with any customer care agent you encountered throughout your life.

Do research about Subway
Research Subway before heading into your interview for the best results. You can visit the Subway official websiteOpens in a new tab. to get basic information and study their menu. If you’re applying for a management position, it’s highly likely that you’ll deal with Subway interview questions about the company itself. Taking some time to get to know Subway before showing up to your interview will give you a greater chance of landing the job.

What are the 10 Most Common Subway Interview Questions?

The most common questions that are asked during a job interview are the ones about your strengths and weaknesses, your goals, and any questions you may have for the interviewer.

Some of the most common interview questions are:

  • 1) What do you know about our company?
  • 2) Where do you see yourself in five years?
  • 3) What is your greatest weakness?
  • 4) What is your greatest strength?
  • 5) Why should we hire you?
  • 6) Do you have any questions for me?
  • 7) Tell me about yourself.
  • 8) What did you like/dislike about your last job (or previous jobs)?
  • 9) What would be your ideal job/career path in this field or industry?
  • 10) How would you describe yourself to someone who doesn’t know you well?”
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Hopefully, this article has helped you feel more ready for your upcoming Subway interview. To get more information about what it’s like to work at Subway, visit their Subway Glassdoor profileOpens in a new tab..

Do you have any other tips people should know before going into their interview at Subway? Have you already been interviewed? What Subway interview questions did you have the hardest time with? Let us know in the comments.

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