Uber Interview Questions And Answers

Uber Interview Questions

Uber is notorious for its multi-step interview approach that combines online and in-person interviews with real-world problem-solving tests and written exams. Knowing which Uber interview questions you can expect can help you prepare for your interview and make the best possible first impression.

Top 20 Uber Interview Questions and Answers (video 2022)


About Uber

Founded in San Francisco in 2009, Uber is one of the world’s largest ride-sharing, food delivery, and transportation networks in the world. The company now operates in more than 630 cities around the world with 12,000 employees.

Since its introduction, Uber has introduced several service levels and types, including UberKIDS with child safety seats; UberPETS for pet transportation; UberPOOL, the company’s lowest-cost service; and UberSELECT with leather interior vehicles. Uber adapts its services based on the demands of each city, such as auto rickshaw ride-sharing in Pakistan.

Top Uber Interview Questions & Answers

Uber’s interview process usually begins with a face-to-face interview. This step will include at least some of the following Uber interview questions. Depending on the position you are applying for, you may expect practice problems, a timed analytics test. However, be also prepared to go through a more challenging test such as creating a new marketing plan for consideration.

1. Uber Software Engineer Interview Questions

Q1: Why Uber?
A1: I have been using Uber since it launched in my city with a motivation toward improving how it works. I think I’d be a great fit with the work culture at Uber with a dedication to work long hours to see my hard work pay off with a more user-friendly and innovative app that improves the experience for drivers and riders. I’m excited by the idea of working with Uber and contributing to the company’s explosive growth in the years to come.

Q2: What achievement are you most proud of in your career?
A2: I was the lead engineer on a team that developed the X app, which has been used by 5 million users since its launch last year.

Q3: What’s to stop you from leaving Uber in the next five years? 
A3: I have been excited to be a part of Uber for years and have remained a loyal customer since its inception. I am truly excited by the prospect of growing with Uber and making my own contributions to the company’s future. I believe this position is exactly what I have been looking for and I am interested in making a long-term commitment.

2. Uber Department Manager Interview Questions

Q1: Our policy is to fire the bottom 20% of employees. Are you comfortable with this policy or would it cause an issue?
A1: I am comfortable with the policy because I believe it forces managers to constantly improve staffing. I think this approach can bring in better talent as leaders are often slow to react to productivity issues.

Q2: How would you decide which metro area in which to expand next?
A2: I would create criteria to consider metro areas based on permanent and seasonal population, how many residents own cars, and the affordability and reliability of existing transportation in the city like public transportation. I would also analyze the number of Uber riders who have opened the app looking for a ride in the city and the number of people attempting to sign up as an Uber driver in the city.

Q3: How would you get drivers to work on the holidays?
A3: Because Uber doesn’t assign drivers to shift, I believe incentives are the best way to lure drivers into working on busy holidays. Surge pricing during holiday evenings can help reduce demand while encouraging more drivers to accept work. Pushing alerts to drivers that surge pricing will remain in effect for a specific amount of time or in a specific area can also be effective as many Uber drivers have experienced the stress of trying to pick up riders during a surge only to miss the dynamic pricing. Specific promotions can also be effective, such as bonuses for completing a certain number of trips on a specific date.

Be 100% ready to ace your UBER job interview once you read these 50 interview questions and answers

Uber Job Interview Process and Preparation Tips

Uber is one of the most in-demand tech employers in the United States with a notoriously long application and interview process. These tips will help you ace your job interview and better prepare for the Uber interview questions you can expect.

Prepare Before You Apply

Uber interview questions include standard questions about your career history and more in-depth questions designed to see how you would react to real-world challenges you will face in your new Uber career. Your interview preparation should cover three important areas: talking about yourself, reviewing computer science fundamentals, and practicing problems.

Brush up on your computer science to review basic algorithms and data structures that you will need to use and discuss. To help you practice problems, you may face, use the ACM-ICPC archive of programming contests. Have a friend help you practice talking about your career experience and personal contributions to help you feel more empowered, honest, and straightforward in an interview.

Review Common Uber Interview Questions & Prepare Answers

This guide offers several common Uber interview questions you are likely to face during your sit-down interview. Review each question and prepare your answers so you can give honest yet straightforward answers that help you shine.

Be Prepared for Tests

Uber is known to use analytics tests and more in addition to a traditional interview. If you are applying to be a manager who leads a team in a new city, you will need to take a time two-hour analytics test. More creative positions like marketing manager may require creating a new marketing campaign for the company. Software engineer applicants should be prepared for practice problems based on real-world engineering challenges.

Be Passionate

Uber recruiters look for people who are passionate and use phrases or words that demonstrate their role in previous careers rather than vague or general contributions. While there is no need to ramble, let your passion for what you do and your accomplishments shine through.

Role of the Driver in the Uber Interview Process?

Uber drivers are not independent contractors, but rather employees. As such, they have to go through an interview process before they are allowed to drive for Uber.

The driver’s role in the interview process is to provide information about their driving history and background, as well as any other relevant information that may be needed by Uber.

Uber is a global company that offers a ridesharing service to the public. The company is valued at over $50 billion and operates in more than 75 countries. Uber drivers are independent contractors and not employees of Uber.

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Some of these Uber interview questions may seem daunting at first. However, the more you practice your answers, the better you’ll construct your first impressions during the interview. Master the key ideas you need to be in control of the questions above, and you’ll be able to adapt your answers to other situations as well. Share with us other questions you’ve encountered during any meeting with an Uber representative in the comment section below.

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