Home Depot Interview Questions And Answers

Home Depot Interview Questions

Job interviews constitute an essential way to show that you’re a suitable employee for The Home Depot. To demonstrate your ability to perform jobs offered by this home improvement company, you need to understand possible Home Depot interview questions and how to answer them. We provide below samples and tips on how to prepare your answers.

Top 5 Home Depot Interview Questions and Answers

About the Company

The Home Depot is a major home improvement retailer with locations throughout the United States. Merchandise includes household supplies, lawn, hand and power tools; appliances, landscaping supplies, lumber, outdoor power equipment, cabinets and sinks. Products are available for all parts of the home. The Home Depot also provides at-home services, such as installation of floors, carpet, roofing, siding, doors and other major facets of the home.

Home Depot Interview Questions & Answers

Below are some sample Home Depot interview questions that an interviewer might pose and suggested answers to guide you. While these do not encompass every topic of a Home Depot job interview, they can help you see the emphasis of the interview on your skills and willingness to provide quality customer service.

1. Home Depot Sales Associate Interview Questions & Answers

Q1: How would you help a customer find a part or item?
A: Customers should be guided, preferably by walking them, to the product or to the person in that department so that I wouldn’t stray too far from my own section. I plan to avoid pointing in directions or just telling them that is in another department.

Q2: How would you respond to a customer who either interrupts you while you talk with another customer or are performing a task?
A: I would first acknowledge that the customer is asking for help by looking and nodding my head. Next, I would graciously and courteously tell the customer I will attend to them shortly or ask the customer if I may finish with the current customer.

Q3: What would you tell a customer who is search for a product that is out of stock or not carried by The Home Depot?
A: As to something out of stock, I would refer the customer www.homedepot.com so they can check the availability of items by particular stores. If The Home Depot does not carry it, I would suggest suitable alternative products in-stock or sold at The Home Depot.

2. Home Depot Delivery/Puller Interview Questions & Answers

Q1: How would you handle a customer who complains about a late delivery?
A: In my previous job, a co-worker and I were delivering a bedroom suite. A few miles into our trip, we encountered stand-still traffic because of a wreck. It took us about 30 minutes to get through it, which had put us well behind schedule. About five minutes into our wait, we called the customer to explain the situation. She told us she understood and thanked us for calling. I find that many customers are understanding if you keep them informed in case of emergencies or problems.

Q2: What skills do you believe are important to help you perform the job of delivery/puller?
A: Details are important, to make sure the order is correct. This means that I need to compare the order ticket to the product and make sure it’s the right model number, color, size and quantity. I will be respectful to the customers, listen to their customers, handle their merchandise, their homes and the items in them with care. Also, I believe delivery/pullers should be well organized.

Q3: What kinds of items have you pulled or had to deliver in prior jobs?
A: In having worked on a construction and landscape crew as a helper, I have lifted and carried pieces of lumber, bags of soil, plants and tools. I am familiar with home improvement products and how they needed to be pulled, loaded, lifted and handled.

3. Home Depot Kitchen & Bath Designer Interview Questions & Answers

Q1: Demonstrate how you would help design a kitchen with our products for a customer wanting to remodel his or her kitchen.
A: I would ask the customer to tell me the size of their kitchen or to estimate it if they have not measured it. (I would explain we make appointments to measure the kitchen.) I would want to know if they prefer particular colors, styles or stainless steel refrigerators or microwaves. Their current type of floor and walls would also be helpful for me to suggest matching products or coordinating paint. I would guide them through our cabinet and appliance displays and show floor samples.

Q2: How would you handle a dissatisfied customer?
A: A customer at my previous job complained to me that the store incorrectly cut his custom-ordered blinds. I did not originally deal with that customer, but I thanked him for his question and asked what size and type he had ordered. When he told me, I went to our customer service station, who pulled the work order. Once I verified the size was not what the sales ticket says he ordered, I told the manager and she offered either a refund or to redo the customer’s order without charge. He chose the latter and said he would continue to shop with us.

Q3: How would you encounter a new customer or one who seems to just be browsing?
A: I would ask the shoppers if they are interested in changes to their kitchen or bathroom. I may inquire about the number of people in the household or whether they believe the need more room. I may also invite them to look at appliances or bath fixtures in case they might have interest in replacing older models with newer, more efficient appliances or fixtures.

Home Depot Job Interview Tips

As a general rule, The Home Depot initially interviews applicants by phone. An assistant manager or perhaps the manager will conduct the in-store interview. Depending on the particular assistant manager or manager, you might get an immediate offer of employment.

Expect an Employment Drug Test!

Expect to undergo drug testing before you begin work or officially become an employee.

Most of the tests require a saliva sample and use a mouth swab – this Home Depot drug testing process is pretty straight-forward. You need to keep a stick in your mouth for about 10 minutes. Afterward, the sample is sent to Diagnostics; the results come back in up to 5 business days.

There are a few employees and past interviewees who report the Home Depot drug testing process they went through was a urine test. However, these reports are a few years old and

Conduct Research on the Company & Job Opening

Before you begin the application, go to www.homedepot.comOpens in a new tab.. You’ll learn about the founding, events in the company’s history and its stated values. Some Home Depot interview questions may involve how you would promote the company values.

Study the position or positions that you seek or interest you. The career portalOpens in a new tab. of The Home Depot’s website describes the duties of the position.

Tour a Home Depot store for yourself. Familiarize yourself with the layout of the store and the location of various departments and products in the store. Learn the brands and types of products offered by the store.

Review Common Interview Questions & Prepare Answers

Typical Home Depot interview questions call for how you would respond to interruptions by supervisors, co-workers, and customers. Think of how you handled these situations in prior jobs. In your answers, explain the situation, the action you took and the result, especially if that result was consumer satisfaction or resolution of the problem. Write or make notes of your answers and rehearse them, or at least have enough familiarity that you can speak naturally and comfortably.

Arrive on Time

Punctuality is the hallmark of a responsible employee. (http://myorangeladder.homedepot.com/interview-tips.html) Arriving early for your interview ensures not only that you’re on time, but it affords you an opportunity to settle and organize yourself before the interview. During the waiting period, you can go over potential questions and answers or take note of any literature about The Home Depot.

How To Ace Your Home Depot Interview And Get Hired

Acing a job interview at the Home Depot is not an easy task. Not only do you need to be able to answer tough questions, but you also need to sell yourself in the process.

The following are some of the best practices for job interviews at the Home Depot:

  • – Dress appropriately
- Be prepared with answers to tough questions
  • – Sell yourself

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In answering Home Depot interview questions, you have the goal of showing how you can generate sales and offer excellent customer service. The questions you’ll face will test your skills and knowledge in achieving these goals for Home Depot. Let us know if these sample questions and answers help you prepare for the interview.

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